Dream ON (Dream dictionary)

This app is in english language only.
Have you been dreaming of your ex-boyfriend?
Maybe you dreamt of your boss or a coworker?
Did you see an elephant in your dream... a ring, or a cherry, perhaps?

Are you curious to discover the meaning behind these dreams?
Whether they hold any hidden messages?

This dream dictionary can help you do just that!

You can:
Look up symbols listed in alphabetical order
Enter specific symbols you have dreamt of
Create a chronological database of your dreams and their meanings
Share your dreams with friends through Facebook, Twitter, text message and e-mail
Have access to over 15,000 entries or 45,000 words
Adjust and personalize the design of the application to your liking



Dreams reflect our desires, problems, hopes and yearnings. They are messages sent by your subconscious and can, if understood properly, serve to provide you with knowledge about yourself, your environment, even your future... Whether pleasant or not so much, they are inevitably present in our lives, an aspect of our unconscious which often sends us messages or warnings.

Many artists (painters, writers, musicians) often looked to their dreams for inspiration and help in stimulating creativity. Many inventors and scientists found the answers to questions that had tormented them for a long time within dreams, or were perhaps in this way provided with a new creative idea that was sometimes of astronomical significance for the world.
There are many people who claim that dreams sometimes energized and motivated them, or that a solution to a problem came to them within a dream.

Acquainting yourself with dream symbolism can improve the quality of your present life, and maybe even foresee what the future may hold for you in terms of love, professional perspective, fun or finances.

This dream dictionary was compiled over the course of many years, and has existed in the form of a text message application for a European service provider for eight years. It has been searched over 1,000,000 times, and now it is available to you as an application. The dream dictionary contains over 15,000 terms and its word count exceeds 450,000. We did our best to make it both broad and modern, as well as useful in decrypting any and all dreams you may have had.

Do you often wake up in the morning and can't remember what you dreamt?
Here's a little trick that just may help – when you wake up, avoid looking at a door or window. There is an old belief stating that looking at these things causes the dream to 'escape' in a sense. Instead, keep lying down with your eyes closed and recall the dream, and then rush to your Smartphone and open your dream dictionary;)

Finally, remember that each person is unique and as such only accept the interpretations you feel as being correct intuitively. Write down your dreams, use the application and keep notes of their meanings, soon you'll become a real expert in unveiling that unconscious aspect of yourself.