The Astro Diet

Does dieting really have to be tedious and boring?
Is your appearance determined by the stars?
Do you believe that the stars may hold the key to looking your best?

Lose weight and have fun in the process!

We’ve concocted a game you just might like: find your sign, discover what the stars reveal about your nutritional tendencies and then begin your diet, one tailored to the traits of your specific astrological sign.

Feel elated!
Finally achieve a slim figure!
Slimness is beautiful and desirable!

According to astrologists, the position and alignment of the stars at the moment of your birth is indicative of your potential physical appearance as well as your attitude toward food, although these assumptions are not determined but serve to merely predict.
In this diet, THE STARS GUIDE and INSTRUCT you on what to eat in order to lose weight, while at the same time feeling energized and positive.


The purpose of diets tailored to specific astrological signs is to suggest meal plans to assist with losing weight, as well as offering ways in which to provide your body with nutritional value which will, in accordance with the stars, fill you with strength and positive energy.

For each sign, you will find physical weaknesses listed, favorite ‘splurges’ and substances you should not deprive yourself of. To summarize, it is a way to learn something and become better acquainted with yourself.

Those in good health and wishing to lose several pounds can adhere to the following instructions and suggestions. Note: you approach the guidelines in this program at your own risk. If you are in poor health, first consult with your physical. This diet in not to be used in place of professional medical advice.