Love Fortune Teller

"This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true fortune telling functionality."

Seeking out symbolism, even within the most seemingly mundane things, has always afforded people enjoyment, offered them comfort in the hope that these very symbols are harbingers of a happier period, or prepared and warned them of upcoming misfortune.
Symbols, or rather signs of some kind within nature used to interpret the present and predict the future are visible everywhere. They can be spotted within all aspects of life, whether situations or physical objects. The interest for their interpretation has not waned even as we entered these modern times that brought with them new inventions, and love has retained its position as the most popular topic for analysis.


Are you curious as to how your girlfriend or boyfriend feels about you?
Will you finally meet? Maybe even begin dating?
Discover how your relationship will unfold!
The magic of numbers will help you discover all this if you simply determine the time at which you sneezed!


Do you often find yourself sneezing at the same time each day?
Or sneezing as soon as you think of a certain person?
Discover what the magic of number is trying to tell you about your romantic affairs!


Modern beliefs, made popular by teenagers during the last twenty years, show how even an insignificant ‘achooo’ is not meaningless, depending on the time at which it occurred. Sneezing is no longer a harbinger of a cold, but an indication of how your boyfriend or girlfriend feels about you and in which direction your relationship will head!


Interested as to why you yawned at a specific time?
Do you wish to discover who has a crush on you?
Maybe a blonde boy has had you on his mind lately? Or a brown haired girl?

Although yawning can simply mean that you are tired or that your brain is deprived of oxygen, why not have some fun and reveal the symbolism behind it all, with the help of number magic?

Whether you yawn once or numerous times, certain answers can be found within the Yawnopedia, so why not check/find out whether your crush is thinking of you and how your relationship may play out. Or maybe whether you will find a new boyfriend, girlfriend or love interest?


Do you find yourself hiccupping out of the blue?
Could it mean something?
Maybe it’s related to love somehow?
Will he kiss me? Does he ever dream of me?
Why not have some fun and find the answers to these questions in the Hiccupedia?!
Although hiccupping is sometimes nothing more than a physical response, some people believe that hiccupping also possesses a type of romantic symbolism and can, as such, predict romantic events.
Pay attention to the time at which you hiccupped and discover whether this natural occurrence may help you in foreseeing your romantic future. Will he call, does he like you, will you reconcile, when will you see each other… Have some fun, and even have faith in the answers you are given (if they suit you, naturally;)